On today’s internet, everyone wants a piece of you.
Search engines, websites, and ISPs capture and sell your personal data and
online behavior. Creepy ads. Identity theft. Blocked content. Censorship.
Ugh. Even your own government spies on you.

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The main reason is our consistently faster VPN speed. Sure sure…every VPN says they’re “the fastest” but we can explain. Most all VPN providers use  “off the shelf” servers and technology. Being super-geeks, we have our own proprietary server technology that we have optimized over many years. Result? A faster, more reliable, super secure VPN for you.  

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What is a personal VPN?

A “VPN, “ or Virtual Private Network, is security technology that encrypts data over the internet so it cannot be captured by others. It’s what banks, large corporations, and governments use to protect their data. What we did was develop a way that individuals could use this typically complex and expensive technology to secure their own personal data and protect their online privacy.

personalVPN™ 1.0 was successfully launched in March 2005 and today we have customers in every country on Earth!

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How does the personal VPN service work?

  • You connect to any  VPN server gateway of ours worldwide that you wish. An encrypted tunnel between your device and our VPN server is instantly established. All your internet data will now flow through this tunnel, encrypted and secure, and cannot be viewed by anyone. 
  • We also assign you a temporary “stealth” internet (IP) address so that nobody can see your real IP address and location. All anyone (ISPs, websites, search engines, etc.) can see is the IP address and location of the VPN server you are connected to. You are completely protected and anonymous online.
  • Whatever locality or country you connect to, you will experience the internet from that location as a local.  In a sense, whenever you use the VPN, we become your private, encrypted, “virtual” internet provider. You can change whatever VPN server of ours you connect to at will. There is no limit. 

What can I do with a personal VPN service?

Enjoy truly private web browsing and searching.

Bad news. “Private” and incognito modes don’t really work. Neither does “deleting” your history. They only erase it off your device locally. Every search you have ever done, and every website you have ever visited, is still captured, stored, and compiled into what amounts to a permanent internet profile on you. This profile data is what is sold over and over again to anyone who wants to buy it.


With personalVPN, no one will be able to capture the searches you do or the websites you visit. Even your location will be completely hidden behind whichever gateway of ours you connect to. The trail ends there. You can now surf the web anonymously and choose what you share and what you don’t!

Safely connect to WiFi and other public networks.

Although most people don’t know, or choose to not think about it, WiFi is horrifically insecure. You are literally broadcasting all of your data via radio with typically no security whatsoever. This can include your email, chats, web searches, and any other data sent or received over the wireless network.


Even if you connect with a password, everyone on the network has the potential to see and collect your data.

Public and guest WiFi, such as that found in hotels, airports, and coffee shops, can be especially dangerous because data thieves know they’re juicy targets. It’s even a common tactic for that “Free WiFi” you see pop up to actually be a hacker’s laptop.

Fear not. The VPN service encrypts all your data with military-grade encryption over any WiFi network so you can connect worry-free…even through that hacker’s laptop.


Hide my IP address and location.

An IP address is a unique identifier assigned to your internet connection by your internet provider. Your ISP, every website you visit, search engines, and many others, can all see it.  All your online activity and location is tracked and cataloged via this IP address.


The VPN service prevents this by issuing you an anonymous “stealth” IP address that makes it impossible for your true IP address to be captured. Nobody, not even your iSP, will be able to see your real IP address or location any longer. You can rest assured that when the VPN service is active, your online privacy is protected, your location is cloaked, and you can surf the web in complete anonymity.

Protect myself online from aggressive advertisers, scammers, and others with nefarious intentions.

Your IP address, location, and other data is exposed and easily captured as you surf the internet unprotected. This information is traded with many third parties without your permission. Anyone using your internet connection is having information compiled on them. Stop you and your family from being a product to be sold…or worse.

Help prevent identity theft.

Many identity thieves steal your personal data as it is transmitted online, over unsecured WiFi, or even shared wired networks. personalVPN encrypts all your data between your device and whichever one of our servers worldwide you’re connected to. This prevents anyone from seeing or capturing your personal data in transit.

Bypass geographical restrictions and access content and media as a local all over the world.

The internet content and media you have access to varies by your location. With personalVPN, you can experience the internet, and have access to content and media, based upon whichever of our global VPN gateways you are connected to at the time, not your actual location.

Shop safely online and make sure you get the
best deal.

Online shopping is the way to go nowadays, but it can be risky too. Fraudulent
websites and links abound just waiting to capture your IP address and personal
information. Legitimate online retailers can also engage in some shady tactics. They may serve you up certain deals based on information they’ve already gathered about you, or based on your location. Trouble is, they may not be the best deal.


With our personal VPN service, you can protect your IP address and location, as well as see if you can get a better deal while shopping from a different virtual location.

Secure my personal data and access my home country internet while traveling.

Data snoops and identity thieves can be rampant when you travel.With
personalVPN you can be assured that, no matter where you roam, your data is
encrypted and safe. The VPN can also come in quite handy to allow you to
access sites back home such as your bank or media content.

Defeat censorship.

If you’re in a place that censors the internet, the VPN can securely “tunnel” around the blocking so you can access whatever you wish and get the whole story.

Unblock websites, applications, and social media.

Short of outright censorship of the internet, many locations still block certain websites, social media, or applications. Our VPN service will unblock services such as Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, as well as many others.

Encrypt my VoIP, Chat, and Email.

Hide your location and add military-grade encryption to and from whichever of our Secure VPN Gateways you’re connected to. Although a VPN service cannot encrypt these end-to-end with the other party, it’s still WAY better than no protection at all.  BTW, if you do want true end-to-end encryption for your email, you should try our SecureMyEmail service.

Add extra protection and privacy to my internet connection with DNS Leak Prevention and a NAT Firewall.

This is discussed in more detail under Why is personalVPN the Best VPN Service? but suffice it to say it upgrades your internet connection with true 21st century security and privacy.